Bizagi Competence Center

The 5 eXtropian principles

maandag 23 oktober

Extropy A measure of intelligence, information, energy, vitality, experience, diversity, opportunity, and growth. Extropianism The philosophy that seeks to increase extropy. Introduction Extropianism is a transhumanist philosophy: Like humanism, transhumanism values reason and humanity and sees no grounds for belief in unknowable, supernatural forces externally controlling our destiny, but goes further in urging us to

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How To Accelerate Digital Transformation In Banking?

woensdag 18 oktober

What are the world’s leading banks doing to speed up digital transformation? Today’s consumers compare their banking experiences not only with rival banks, but also with the services offered by the world’s most disruptive retailers, telcos and companies in the hospitality space. The banks that meet these new customer expectations will attract and retain the most customers.

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Meet-up Bizagi in Rotterdam

maandag 9 oktober

All people who are interested to learn about the functionality of Bizagi can join the Bizagi Meet-up in Rotterdam on Wednesday October 25.  In just a few hours the capabilities of customers using the Bizagi suite will be presented.  Typical questions like “How can Bizagi support us in future growth” or “How does the suite

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Who & How – Part 3

donderdag 14 september

In this, the last of a three-part series on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), author, engineer and futurist Christopher Surdak discusses the ‘Who and How’ of RPA as a business imperative. As the notion of RPA gains traction, many organizations are exploring the capabilities and shortcomings of this technology.  Their incremental returns from Lean, Outsourcing and

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What is an Intelligent Business Process Management System?

maandag 4 september

Today’s businesses are scrambling to keep up with the rapid increase in the rate they need to make changes to their operations. Gartner’s prescription for success in these volatile times is a phase shift in focus towards Digital Business. Digital Business is the confluence and synergy of people, things and business for creating new models

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