Research report: Bizagi one of the key players in the BPM Training Market

A new research study done by Orbis Research shows that Bizagi, besides being a iBPMS Challenger regarding to Gartner, also is one of the key players in the BPM Training Market.

The report focuses on the worldwide BPM Training status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players. The report demonstrates the Business Process Management (BPM) Training development in United States, Europe and China.

If you are interested in the BPM Training report you can request a sample or you can buy the full report.


What is the BPM Training Market?

In order to improve your business performances you need a way to manage your business processes. To get your employees process minded they need to be trained. This training market keeps growing every year. If you take a look online you will find many organisations providing a BPM training and luckily Bizagi also offers a wide range of training courses to make your employees Bizagi professionals:

  • Free online self-paced training courses
  • Instructor guided online training sessions
  • Instructor corporate training courses

Next to that Bizagi also provides a very detailed Help Guide, a Forum to ask questions and report problems and a Knowledge Base that is created based on frequently asked questions and customer problems.


Why is this training material interesting for your company?

Hiring our consultants for your project means you bring in well trained Bizagi specialist, but that doesn’t mean your employees don’t need any knowledge about Bizagi. We advise to invest in Bizagi training courses for a few of your employees, in this way you won’t be depending on us for every small implementation.

Training material and courses are of course really important, but knowledge will reach higher levels when using the theory in real life situations. That is why we offer various BPM and Bizagi training courses that not only contain the theory but also the practical side. Our specalists will guide your employees by sharing their inside knowledge of the system, sharing best practice implementations and setting up a base for your Bizagi project where your employees can learn from. In time, the knowledge of your internal employees will increase and the need for external knowledge will decrease.