Bizagi Studio Release 11.2.2 – Highlights

New features, improvements and fixes are available now! Bizagi Studio version 11.2.2 has been released on the 4th of June. Our Bizagi experts have listed down some of the most important improvements to keep you up to date!


On premise Highlights

Top improvements for Bizagi Users:

  1. No more clicking on ‘back’ with the new user preference ‘Return to inbox when tasks are finished’

Top improvements for Bizagi Developers:

  1. Reduced time to test an expression with the new Dynamic Rules Tracer
  2. Quicker rollback of a deployment with the new database snapshot button (advanced deployment)
  3. Increase the performances of large projects that rely a lot on the scheduler by updating to Scheduler 2.0
  4. Easily share an existing process without the need to completly rebuild it in another project with the new Share Processes Export. In this export also forms and expressions are included instead of only the processmodel


Cloud Highlights

Top improvements for Bizagi Users:

  1. Due to the new Management Console Web users are being warned when maintences will take place

Top improvements for Bizagi Developers:

  1. No need to go to the Remote Desktop Management Console anymore for changing the project settings, almost all settings can now be changed online with the new Management Console Web


Considering a product update? We highly recommend to update your Bizagi installation so now and then to take advantage of the new features and improvements. But an update has to be planned with care and it is important to have knowledge about the steps to be taken. Luckily our Bizagi specialist are ready to help you with this! Just contact us


Check the full release notes here:

Release Notes Bizagi Studio 11.2.2