Bizagi Studio Release 11.2 – Highlights

New features, improvements and fixes are available now! Bizagi Studio version 11.2 has been released on the 26th of March. Our Bizagi experts have listed down some of the most important improvements to keep you up to date!


On premise Highlights

Top improvements for Bizagi Users:

  1. Collaborate with colleagues without having Bizagi Studio installed with the new Bizagi Studio Pen Drive Edition
  2. Better visibility on smaller screens with the new user preference ‘Always collapse activity sidebars’
  3. For Managers: Easily keep track of the used BPUs by downloading the BPU report (only for usage-based licensing)

Top improvements for Bizagi Developers:

  1. No need to manually enter a large amount of parameter values anymore with the new Excel connector, Bizagi will use the Excel list to obtain the values
  2. A cleaner list of processes with the new possibility to delete created processes that have not been deployed yet
  3. Buttons (like a ‘Cancel’ button) can now easily be used in a form without validation errors with the new button action ‘next without validations’
  4. Possible to let users select multiple values for an entity with the new multiselect control
  5. Cleaner databases now that it is possible to delete and rename deployed objects
  6. More automation possibilities in processes with the first RPA integration: the UiPath Bot


Considering a product update? We highly recommend to update your Bizagi installation so now and then to take advantage of the new features and improvements. But an update has to be planned with care and it is important to have knowledge about the steps to be taken. Luckily our Bizagi specialist are ready to help you with this! Just contact us


Check the full release notes here:

Release Notes Bizagi Studio 11.2